It is true, one of the most important aspects of our lives is who we surround ourselves with. It’s not just what we do, but who we do it with. We become a version of all the people that are surrounding us. So, knowing how important relationships are and the people we spend most of our time with, we wanted to leave you with a few tips for fostering healthy relationships.


To foster healthy relationships and encourage positive growth, we recommend focusing on the following:


Communication. Communication is key with so many aspects in life. You are better at your job if you know how to communicate effectively with your boss and coworkers. Friendship and relational partners are no different. If you know how to communicate, talk through how you’re feeling, listen to feedback, and be open to feedback, you will experience exponential growth. At Marshall, we are all about communication. Our team is a team of hired professionals. Trained to listen to you and your situation. We listen to you and help you understand your options.


Commitment. What is a relationship if it’s one sided? No one wants to be involved in a relationship of any kind if both parties are not invested and dedicated to one another. So, when looking at your relationships and who you are surrounding yourself with each day, are they just as committed to you as you are to them? It’s no secret that we are committed to you and your circumstance.


Respect. Sometimes we must give a little to get a little. In life, we all have relationships. We all have times that we don’t always see eye to eye with those that we are closest to. That is okay! If we all thought the same, had the same ideas, and weren’t unique, what would be the point?


It is important to respect your relationships and those around you. Especially because we all want to feel respected in return. It’s okay to agree to disagree.


At Marshall, we respect you. We respect your body, we respect your life choices, and we respect that your situation is like no one else’s.


If you are looking for someone to talk to, someone to listen, and to provide you with all your options, we are here to help! Contact us today.